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Spider lily (pictured above)

Natives of Corkscrew Nursery + Environmental (NOC) is a SWFL Native Plant Nursery and Environmental Firm located in Estero, FL.

We specialize in Aquatic, Wetland, Lake, Upland and Transitional plants.

Our Story We are local natives (people) that spent our childhood and adolescent years exploring the woods that surround Corkscrew Road. Now as adults, we returned home to preserve the woods we love. We provide native plants to restore and enhance the land that has been impacted by the infestation of exotics and nuisance vegetation. We care about water, soil, and the environment and want to continue to see communities, homeowners, common areas, and roadways transition to more native natural landscapes.

WHY NATIVE? Native landscapes require less maintenance (mowing), less fertilizers, less water, and less of our precious natural resources. Very few times in our society does less equal more, but in native landscapes they can equal beauty, butterflies, and more nature. We are growing plants from seeds, cuttings, grafting, and division. Add some Color to your life and lawn.

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Have a bright day,

Chris, Rory and the NOC team